Top 5 Tips to Manage Stress at Home

Jan 19, 2022

Stress is a way in which our bodies respond to any kind of threat or pressure we are subjected to. We experience stress every day, triggered by our lifestyle, relationships, daily commitments, or illness.

While the home is meant to be our safe haven where we can relax, sometimes our home environment can have the opposite effect on us. Here are a few tips to combat stress at home.

1. Keep your house organized

Clutter is a top source of stress at home. It distracts you, constantly signaling your brain that something is unfinished and eventually, causing anxiety and overwhelm. Therefore, it’s best to tackle mess right away than letting it pile up. You’d be surprised by how you can make your house more organized and less stressful with only 15 minutes of daily de-cluttering.  

2. Prep healthy meals

Maintaining a good diet is key to beating stress. Ironically, preparing healthy meals every day can get stressful if you don’t plan your meals.

To stick to healthy eating without stress, try prepping your meals ahead of time. You could slice, dice, and store your ingredients in the fridge or even make freezer-friendly dishes so you can have access to tasty, filling, and nutritious food when needed.   

3. Carve out “me-time” daily

A busy schedule can make you feel depleted. Especially so, if you don’t find time for yourself and are constantly moving from one workload to the next. It’s an easy recipe for stress.

This is why you need to have at least 20 minutes of alone time daily just for yourself where you can do anything — read a book, tend to your garden, do some stretches, meditate, take a power nap, or whatever helps you relax and recharge your battery.

4. Stay away from (too much) alcohol

Alcohol might help you relieve stress on a temporary basis, but turning it into a habit can add more stress to your body. You can, however, enjoy an occasional glass of red wine as studies show it has some health benefits when consumed in moderation.

5. Have a bedtime ritual

Poor sleep can cause stress and irritability. One of the ways to improve your sleep is to try and wind down at the end of the day with a relaxing a warm drink. Herbal teas like the Sleep and Relax tea contain the natural goodness of herbs like chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, and valerian root that can help you sleep better.

Stress is, sadly, an inevitable part of our lives. And, although stress is a natural response of the body, prolonged exposure to it can turn out to be extremely detrimental for our mental as well as physical health. By practicing the above-mentioned coping strategies, we can lead a healthy life minus stress.

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