Reasons to Include Shark Liver Oil in Your Immunity Toolkit

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Mar 7, 2022
Reasons to Include Shark Liver Oil in Your Immunity Toolkit

Did you know that fishermen in Japan, in the early 1800s, would drink cups of oil derived from shark liver oil before venturing out to the seas? They did so to fight off colds, flu, and other serious illnesses that could impede their livelihood. Swedish and Norwegian people too traditionally used shark liver oil to treat wounds and respiratory tract problems, besides maintaining digestive health. Cut to present times, and scientists are using shark liver oil as adjuvants in vaccines to boost their effectiveness. 

Clearly, shark liver oil has great healing properties. With high vitamin A concentration, the oil also has active components like alkylglycerols (AKG), squalene, fatty acids like DHA, Omega 3, etc., that stimulates and supports the immune system.

Here are some compelling reasons to include shark liver oil in your immunity toolkit.

1. Say goodbye to seasonal flu

Squalene, a lipid found in shark liver oil, boosts your immune system to generate antibodies that fight common cold and flu conditions. Squalene also alleviates respiratory complications, swelling of lymph nodes, and eases alimentary canal irrigation. Furthermore, it keeps bacterial and fungal infections at bay.

2. Fight cancer with shark liver ‘cure-all’ oil

Shark liver oil has a high AKG content, traditionally used to treat leukemia and other types of cancer combined with other cancer drugs. AKG minimizes the side effects of radiation received from cancer x-ray therapy, besides regenerating WBCs lost during chemotherapy. The oil itself has anti-tumor and anti-carcinogenic effects.

3. Care for your cardiovascular health

Well-regarded as a health booster and widely used as a dietary supplement, clinical studies have revealed that shark liver oil may positively impact vascular health in men. Squalene, an active component of shark liver oil contains vitamin E, which can potentially reduce arterial stiffness in overweight hypertensive patients, thus significantly minimizing their cardiovascular complications. 

4. Antioxidising properties help rejuvenate

Do you know that squalene, found in shark liver oil, is widely used in the beauty industry owing to its rejuvenating effect on humans? Yes, the oil has strong anti-oxidants that minimize damage from free radicals and delay signs of ageing. This property of shark liver oil helps not only in rejuvenating and maintaining a youthful look but also in decreasing the rate of muscle degeneration. As such, shark liver oil can help manage arthritis and lessen the associated pain considerably.  There you have it — four great reasons to include shark liver oil in your immunity toolkit. Wondering how to incorporate shark liver oil into your diet? Bell Lifestyle’s Shark Liver Oil is an excellent formulation. By consuming two soft gel capsules daily, you can easily get the benefits of 1000 mg of shark liver oil rich in alkylglycerols, Omega-3 fatty acids, and squalene.

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