Prof. Guard Nano Disinfectant Spray Gun


Nano disinfection spray gun, new inovation to sterilise your cars, home, office and etc. Best used with our “Prof. Guard Q Disinfectant

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  • Nano spray gun, sterilization at room temperature, very fine water mist, no residue
  • Using dual-core processor, independent boost charging technology, powerful performance, long-lasting stability
  • Achieve nano-level atomization output, custom-made high-pressure air pumps and siphon atomization nozzles above 5000 rpm
  • The spraying distance can be up to 1.5 meters, and it can be sprayed directly on the surface of the human body, fabrics, home appliances and other objects without the feeling of being wet.
  • Evenly cover no dead corners, easy to clean and thoroughly
  • In addition to daily environmental sanitation and disinfection, it can also replace indoor humidifiers, aromatherapy machines, water replenishers, watering devices, etc.



  • Handheld Cordless 2000mAh battery, rechargable with DC5V
  • Electric gun with DC3.7V, 15W
  • Size 253 x 226 x 72 mm
  • Spray Distance 1 to 1.5 meters
  • Bottle capacity 380 ML
  • Design in Germany
  • Package includes 1 Spray gun, 1 Charging cable


Wide Application:
Perfect for offices, homes, schools, childcare centres, senior homes, clinic, dental office, restaurants, salons, car interiors and other high traffic locations.

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  1. Mark

    Easy to use. It performs very well and it covers good distance

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