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Oct 18, 2021
The world of vitamins and natural products has dominated my working life. Thirty years ago I decided to convert a passion into a business and bought the GNC franchise for Singapore. The exciting thing for me as executive chairman of the group was that not only were we introducing the possibility of natural healing to many who had never considered it to be an option but it also served as a platform for research and development of new products. At various times I have worked with Oxford university on the evidence basing of natural products,oncology groups in the USA in the use of natural products in support of patients post chemo and radiation therapy particularly in rebuilding their digestive and immune systems. I am totally convinced that nature is the most effective healer of all.

However, the Achilles heel of all natural medicines is clear empirical evidence that the products work.Sadly a lot of what is sold is on the basis of never never prophylactic promises and appear at best poorly researched smoke and mirrors and at worst a scam. This is a tragedy as it has meant that many people have denied themselves a feasible alternative to prescription drugs.

I was initially drawn to the Bell brand as it was founded by a kindred spirit looking for natural alternative treatments for disease conditions many of which he faced himself.Like so many of us he was driven by the belief that in nature he could find a safe and effective alternative to mainstream medications that particularly avoid the need for interventional surgery.

I have three rules for governing whether or not I consume or endorse a natural product. First that the product formulation is 100% clear and supported by qualified experts in the field of natural nutrition.Secondly that all the ingredients are safe for human consumption and lastly empirical evidence of relief in a meaningful timespan.Where the products are for men or general consumption I rely on personal usage and that of friends and relatives.For women specific issues Ive substituted my wife,family and friends.

My pick of the month from the Bell range is a natural herbal prostate tea.At the age of 63 I started to suffer from an increasing need to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night a state of affairs that not only stands in the way of a restful nights sleep but also bothers my wife. I was, of course, offered prescription medication by my doctor which I alwaysI try to avoid as artificial medication as they are expensive and often come with worrying side effects.So when friends introduced me to the Bell product range and I discovered their prostate tea I researched the formulation and decided to give it a go. As I found the taste refreshing I fell into a regime of drinking it chilled after my daily work out.

I began to notice a positive effect after a week and after ten days frequency,flow and general comfort had all improved. For me the tea is a prime example of the Bell brand both natural, functional and affordable. If you are a man suffering from urinary issues brought on by advancing years my advice is to give it a go you have nothing to loose but a restless night and a disturbed wife!

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