5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Digestion

Jan 5, 2022

One of the few things that can suck the joy out of our lives is poor digestion. For many of us, digestive issues are becoming fairly common. And why not? Today’s hectic lifestyles, unhealthy habits, consumption of adulterated foods, and environmental stressors throw our digestive health in a disarray.

However, poor digestion is not only a problem in itself but also a possible invitation for other health disorders, which is why you should pay extra attention to your digestive health.

Here are a few simple tips that can help you keep your digestion in top shape.

1. Avoid drinks with your meal

The process of digestion involves the secretion of digestive fluids that break the food down. When we add water or other liquids to the mix, the process becomes slower. Cold liquids further hinder this process by lowering the temperature and making the body go the extra mile.

2. Chew more

Thanks to the fast-paced lifestyle these days, we barely chew our food properly. Contrary to popular belief, the process of digestion begins right in our mouths. When you take your time to chew your food, it not only gets down to smaller pieces but also mixes with saliva in the mouth. Saliva contains powerful enzymes that start acting on the food right there, meaning your stomach does not have to work overtime and the nutrients can be efficiently extracted in the gut.

3. Improve digestive enzymes

Our body naturally secrets several kinds of digestive enzymes that help to breakdown complex, long-chain nutrients in our food so they can easily absorbed. If your digestion is not up to mark, your body may not be able to extract those all-important nutrients.

Raw vegetables and fruits rank amongst the best sources of these enzymes. Add them to your diet and you’ll likely see miraculous improvement in your digestive health. If you consistently face digestive issues like bloating and gas, you can also add synthetically manufactured enzymes to your regimen (after consulting your doctor, of course).  

4. Consume more dietary fiber

Although dietary fiber is not a source of absorbable nutrition in itself, its role in overall digestion cannot be overstated. Fiber acts as an internal scrub, moving food along the digestive tracks and discarding the waste. Also, it acts as a magnet for many toxins that get attached to the fibrous matter, eventually finding their way out of the body.

5. Natural digestive supplements

Natural supplements like the Ezee Digestion Tea can do a tremendous job at improving and maintaining your digestive health. It contains powerful herbal extracts that promote the growth of natural enzymes, optimizing the body’s abilities to process food and absorb maximum nutrition.

Incorporating these five tips in your lifestyle can be the start of your journey towards healthy and vigorous digestive health.  

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