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We’ve got
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Kidney Cleanse Tea

Having issues relieving yourself when mother nature calls? Fret not as our Ezee Flow Tea is here to help! Our special formulation consists of twelve therapeutic herbs, including cranberry and chamomile that are not only effective together, but also tastes great! 频尿的困扰已经影响到您的生活了吗? 别担心!我们的男士前列腺养生茶可以为您提供帮助! 我们的特殊配方由12种治疗草药组成,包含蔓越莓和洋甘菊,提供给您最有效的帮助,而且味道也很受人喜欢! Try it today, and you'll thank us later 使用后,相信您会感谢我们的🙏🏼



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Nick Leese

During a long career in the field of retailing nutraceuticals one of the greatest challenges was to find products that had a rapid and clear empirical efficacy. I’m delighted to report that after using Ezee flow tea personally for less than 7 days I experienced a definite and marked improvement in the number of trips I have to make to the bathroom through the night resulting in a much better quality of sleep for both myself and my wife! I also appreciate the fact that this is a totally natural organic formulation. I’m delighted to say that all of the friends that I’ve put on Ezee flow have also experienced a similar happy outcome. I’m happy to endorse it as a great product.

Suki Phang (CEO of B4 it Happens)

B4 it happens is a Malaysian based comprehensive health management company integrating conventional medical practices and alternative therapies for the holistic well being of our patients. We are always researching for exciting natural products supported by science. Of which the Bell Ezee flow prostate tea is a prime example. A safe natural product bringing meaningful relief for a condition that eventually effects all men. We have had great feedback from users of this product.

Nick A. Jerch

It’s rewarding to be useful to your own family. It’s still more rewarding to contribute to society and serve a cause greater than yourself.

Presley Ng MD N.M.D MN FRCP PhD

As an ex medical oncologist turned natural healer. I have always has a deep personal interest in products from nature which are non prescription but efficacious and safe.I have been using sing EZee flow tea on myself and my patients for a number of years to relieve prostate related issues in my male patients with excellent results. I can heartily recommend this product.

Dato Nick Lough

Before getting to know Ezee Flow my nights were filled with dread and disturbed sleep; I woke in the morning still feeling weary. Now my nights are filled with pleasure and dreams and every morning I awake refreshed.

Uncle Peh late 60s

Been having issues controlling his bladder for years and need to wake up to pee 2 to 4 times a night Started on Ezee Flow and within weeks, the toilet visits reduced significantly.. Unfortunately, he stopped after taking for about 2 months, and after several months, he was facing the same problems Once he restarted, everything is better again.

Alexander D., Bronxville NY

Starting taking EZEE Flow Tea 7 or 8 years ago. And have been using it ever since. I told my doctor about it and he recommended it to some patients. I used about 1 box a month. I won't use anything else.

Fred G., Philadelphia PA

I've had a problem with irregular urgency of urinating for years. Always waking up at night at 2 hour intervals to go for a small amount. I even had a catheter removed for the discomfort it was causing me. It was after this that I tried EZEE Flow. It took 2 days after the removal but I had an experience I've hadn't had for quite some time. I was streaming urine! I couldn't believe it. I'm sleeping continuously now and there's no initiation. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Larry D., Pacifica CA

About three years ago I found I needed to urinate much more frequently. Many time I would be desperate to find a bathroom ( a few times I didn't make it) A clerk at a local market recommended Ezee-Flow Tea. It has worked wonders I urinate less often and always find a bathroom in time. The few times I have run out I've realized how much of a benefit I am getting from this product.

Brennen S., Mesquite NV

My experience with Bell Ezee Flow Tea has been nothing short of miraculous! I'm so relieved now that I found this product. The results and taste of this tea are top-notch! Thank you.

Ronald B., Creston BC

As recent experiences have me getting up and using the washroom several times a night my wife starting serving me your prostate tea and within a few days I noticed I was sleeping through the whole night. Great Product! Thank you!

Kenneth K., Urbane OH

After years of continued urination problems, including frequency and difficulty in urination, I tried your Ezee Flow Tea. It has been a great relief and I've been used to for several years. I did not like the side effects of drugs and other remedies were not effective. Looks like I'll be a long time customer for your product.

Bhag J., Vancouver BC

I am using above prostate tea #4a for some time. My doctor recommend a prostatic surgery but I avoid and keep avoiding for years. I read this product and start using about 3 years ago, and used plus 2 years continuous which was better, I was going to bathroom only two times a night and felt some relief from burning . Then I quit for six months and I have some problems using toilet for 4 to 5 times a night again. Now I started again since Jan 2018 my problem some what under control, using the toilet at night time once or twice. Thanks for the product.

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